Golden Casino Craps

Craps is the most entertaining and exciting land based casino game and Golden Casino offers craps online.
Golden Casino doesn't claim to have the best craps tables, nor does any online casino because it's not as fun.
Online craps does not reap the benefits of playing with other players, throwing dice, trying to hit the craps roll.
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Golden Casino Craps
Some bets are available only for the Come Out roll. A black marker is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the Craps table prior to a Come Out roll. Some bets are available only after a Point has been established. A Point is established if the Come Out roll is either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The number rolled, is called the Point and the next roll(s) is called the Point roll. Point rolls continue until the shooter rolls a 7 or the Point. Once this happens, the sequence starts again with the next roll as a Come Out roll. You may place the bet at any time however it becomes active once the Point has been established. The winning odds for the big 6 as well as for the big 8 are even numbers, meaning a 1-1 betting ratio. For every dollar you wager you get a dollar. Playing online craps without knowing which bets should be avoided is very risky business.
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