Golden Casino Specialty Games

Golden Casino specialty games provides each player with a chance to experience a new kind of casino game.
Every player who downloads the software can play these games like keno, dice, and other unusual online video games.
Players get deposit bonuses several different times which would allow them to play more of the special Golden Casino games.
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Bingo Bucks Keno Poker Dice
Bingo Bucks Golden Casino Keno Poker Dice
Bingo Bucks is a different type of slot machine where you get a playing card and you must form a line on one pull in order to be a winner. The odds are the same as a slot machine and the skill level is minimal. In order to have a winning pull you have to have all numbers on the line match up, but the catch is that you must have chosen to play that line before the pull. If you do things correctly you can win big.
Golden Casino Keno is the most popular of the specialty casino games. It carries with it a large niche and much like craps it features its own gaming jargon. The idea of keno is much like the lottery games you can play in most of the states in America. Payouts are made depending on the number of balls the player chose and how many of those balls were matched by the popup numbers. It is a fun game!
One of the cooler games at Golden Casino is the amazing and unique Poker Dice video casino game. Poker Dice is a table game that uses 5 dice to create a poker hand. Poker Hand rules are used and each dice has 6 sides, each side has a value of either Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King or Ace. Regular Poker Rules are used to determine winning Hands. A High straight is A-K-Q-J-10, a low straight is K-Q-J-10-9.
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