Golden Casino Video Slots

Golden Casino video slots feature kickin' video bonuses that add up to big winnings.
Wild symbols, scatter symbols, and cool graphics create an ambience of excitement and fun.
The video games are large files that may take a moment or two download, but they are worth it.
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Win a Million Dollars Doctor Love Money Shot
Win a Million Dollars Video Slot Doctor Love Video Slot Money Shot Video Slot
The name of this game doesn't lie. If you hit the jackpot symbols with the maximum bet you will win one million US dollars. This is a game that Golden Casino took over from their Golden Palace days when they used to use the Playtech software. This software has better games, but may be a bit less stable as Playtech. Either way this video slot is one of the best.
Doctor Love is another example of how Golden Casino video slots are becoming the most popular on the web. This game features a bonus round if you get the right symbols, along with scatter pays, wild card symbols and high payout rates. This type of video slot features more lines than Win a Million Dollars so players have more chances to win.
Golden Casino adds new games to their video slot arsenal every so often, and this is one of the latest that they have added. Money Shot is a basketball themed video slot that can see you shooting long outside shots to see if you can make a basket in their bonus round. This video slot features the most lines of any slot machine at the casino for more chances to win.
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