Golden Casino Regular Slots

Traditional Slots are featured at Golden Casino because people do not like change and these slots are the norm.
Regular slots have no bonus rounds and are not too advanced for the beginning player. They are for fun or real money.
These Golden Casino slots have decent payout rates and can hit jackpots that are life changing or for good pocket change.
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Fruit Slots Alien Invasion Royal Caribbean
Fruit Slots Alien Invasion Slots Royal Caribbean Slots
You cannot play a more traditional game than Fruit Slots. This is the standard in casinos both on land and on the internet. The symbols are as typical as they come: lemons, cherries, plums, oh wait, no, there are coins and hardly any fruit featured in this game. But Golden Casino calls it Fruit Slots so most people will play it as if it is the standard that people will recognize.
Alien Invasion is a standard 1 line 3 reel slot machine that features some cool symbols and graphics. The payout rates can near 98% on some months and if you can sit down and be patient with this game you can end up walking away a big time winner. Of course, many people lose at this regular slot machine, but it is fun none-the-less. The symbols are cool too.
Here is another game that you may think is something that it is not. There nothing really 'Caribbean' about this game, as it focuses more on the 'Royal' side of its name sake. The symbols depict the queen, some princes, a king, and other royal figures, although, with payout rates this high you may be able to take a trip to the Caribbean in first class style.
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