Golden Casino 3 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots are a mainstay at any casino in the world and Golden Casino is no exception.
These slots may be the most boring of all but they also have the highest payout rates of any slot type.
Now three reel slots even come with bonus rounds like the fabulous Wheel o Fortune, which features a bonus round.
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Wheel o' Fortune Liberty 7's Pinata Fiesta
Wheel o Fortune 3 Reel Slot Liberty 7's 3 Reel Slot Pinata Fiesta 3 Reel Slot
Get a Wheel symbol on the third reel payout line and you will be heading to a bonus round where yous pin a wheel that features dollar amounts in separate spots on the wheel. Where the wheel lands that is the amount of money you will win in the bonus round. Typically, 3 reel slots are terribly boring, but this one is a definate exception to that rule.
Play Liberty 7's if you want to enjoy a really boring game that has very high payout odds. Also, you are only betting on one line so you can easily handle playing the maximum amount of credits. This game is very streaky so you can go a long while without winning, but if you can outlast that streak you may see yourself winning some big bucks in the end.
Pinata Fiesta is another 3 reel slot that has been around for as long as internet gaming has existed. This game has seen some high jackpots payout through the years, however it is the most boring of all casino games. There is no bonus round, the symbols are kind of out of style, and most lines payout minimal winnings. But players have won big in the past, so it may be worth it.
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